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The reach of e-commerce continues to expand, as approximately 21.8% of the world’s population shops online. Our e-commerce experts have worked as accountants, teleshopping consultants, business development professionals, online travel agents, professors, digital marketing professionals, and more.


Ecology is a focus area within biology that concerns itself with how organisms interact with their biotic and/or abiotic environment. Ecology experts are usually retained to speak to issues involving the environment. Our ecology expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars and researchers from major universities and industry professionals.


Our econometrics expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars, researchers, and industry professionals who are leaders in finance, economics, statistics, economic theory, forecasting, and risk management, with extensive experience in academic, corporate, and policy arenas.

Economic Damages

It is very common for monetary losses to lead to litigation. This can take the form of damaged property, lost income, or medical costs. Most economic compensation is comprised of property theft, lost wages, or medical bills. Our economic damages experts have worked as accountants, economics professors, finance consultants, damages modeling professionals, intellectual property infringement consultants, attorneys, and more.


Many cases require the retention of an economics expert, and the specifics can span a range of focus areas including valuation, profits or losses, damages, and more. Our economics expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars from major universities and industry professionals.


Our education expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars and researchers from major universities as well as experienced educators in K-12 schools, school district superintendents, and professionals from various departments of education and educational organizations. They are court-qualified education experts with experience in federal, state, and administrative courts and have served as consultants to lawyers and numerous businesses.


Between 2016 and 2017, the world total of electricity consumption grew by 2.6%. Electrical experts are often retained for their experience in construction, maintenance, utilities, safety, and more. Our electrical experts have worked as technicians, electrical contractors, electrical engineers, product safety specialists, architects, and patent consultants to name a few.

Electrical Engineering

Cases that involve electrical equipment, systems, and devices often require the retention of a qualified electrical engineering expert that can speak to the application and design of this equipment. Our electrical engineering expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars and industry professionals with comprehensive experience in the study and application of electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. They have been employed by or consulted for major corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Teledyne Systems, General Motors, Hughes Aircraft Company, AT&T Bell Labs, IBM, and numerous additional microelectronics, government research, energy, communications, aerospace, and other companies and research institutions worldwide. Our electrical engineering experts are prolific authors of books, textbooks, journals and conference papers, and patents and are experienced consultants and expert witnesses for a variety of intellectual property and other electrical engineering-related cases.


Electronics experts are retained to lend their expertise to a wide range of cases, as electronics are associated with a variety of different items including computers, automobiles, security systems, smart devices, to name just a few.

Embedded Systems

The global embedded systems market is expected to reach a value of $214.4 billion by the year 2020, and this growth is driven by the increasing demand for smart electricity meters and similar devices. The term embedded systems is used to describe systems that are application-specific, and are designed to match the established requirements of the target system that they are embedded within. Our embedded systems experts have worked as computer engineers, software engineers, internet of things consultants, professors, computer scientists, programmers, communications professionals, and more.

Emergency Medicine

Our emergency medicine expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are professionals from various medical industries and backgrounds which include but are not limited to: physicians, nurses, and paramedics. Our experts belong to a number of professional panels and organizations, such as the American Board of Emergency Medicine, American College of Emergency Physicians, and the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Employee Benefits

In the US, employee benefits include medical, vision, and dental plans; relocation assistance; retirement benefit plans; legal assistance plans; and more. Our employee benefits expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are professionals from various industries and backgrounds.

Employee Relations

The process of managing employee and employer relationships is known as employee relations, with the goal being to treat all employees fair and improve retention rates. Our employee relations expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants have worked as HR professionals, business consultants, training and development professionals, and more.

Employment Law

Worker rights in the workplace are the focal point of employment law, and employment law experts are often retained for their expertise in the areas of law and employment standards. Our employment law experts have worked as attorneys, human resources professionals, recruiters, and more.


Endocrinology is a sect of both medicine and biology that focuses on the endocrine system. The endocrine system is the chemical messenger system that is composed of hormones that are released into the circulatory system by the internal glands of an organism. Our endocrinology experts have worked as endocrinologists, professors, health science researchers, metabolism specialists, and more.


Energy experts are retained to lend their expertise to cases that span all forms of energy including solar, thermal, nuclear, chemical, and electrical.  Our energy expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars and researchers from major universities and industry professionals who have worked with numerous companies and agencies such as Douglas Aircraft Company, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Florida Power & Light, the New York Mercantile Exchange, and government agencies to name a few.


Entomology focuses on the study of insects and how they relate to other organisms including the environment and humans. Many fields are impacted by the studies of entomologists, such as biology, chemistry, agriculture, criminology, forensics, and health. Quite often, entomology experts are retained for their knowledge in the area of pests and the damage that results from their presence. Our entomology experts have worked as molecular biologists, pest control specialists, environmental scientists, ecologists, agriculturalists, and more.


In the United States, nearly half a million new small enterprises are established every year. Entrepreneurship is the ability and motivation to create, organize, and manage risks associated with a business venture.


Environmental is defined as relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition. It is related to the protection of the natural world of land, sea, air, plants, and animals. Pollution, climate change, resource depletion, and environmental decay are all important environmental issues.

Environmental Biotechnology

When biotechnology is applied to and used in combination with the environment, the result is environmental biotechnology. Often, producing products that tap the biological process in order to deliver alternative energy, food, and nutrients for commercial use.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on the protection of living organisms through protection, and improvements to their health. Our environmental engineering expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars and industry professionals.


Epidemiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the evidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases. The objectives of epidemiology are to determine the cause, magnitude, progression, methods to prevent and heal the disease, and development of a public health plan.


It was estimated in 2015 that 1.2% of the US population had active epilepsy, which totals around 3.4 million people. This brain disorder leads to seizures and can be caused by various conditions that affect an individual’s brain.


What do a circular saw, solar panel, computer keyboard, and duct tape all have in common? They are considered as equipment. Equipment refers to the necessary tools, devices, machines, and vehicles used for a specific job or purpose.


Equity is a slice of the total capital of any given business. The most common forms of equity are stock, private equity, home equity, and equity in income of affiliates.


Ergonomics is the science of enhancing the design of products to increase  employee comfort and production. The use of these products in the workplace is important to the elimination of risk factors, such as awkward posture, temperature extremes, and repetitive motions that can lead to musculoskeletal injuries in employees.


Ethics is the moral standards and values practiced by the individual and society, which results in the steady functioning of civilization. By studying the sources of moral standards, and their role in society, the determination of what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior can be made and practiced by individuals and organizations.


Ethnicity and race are two concepts that are commonly confused. While race refers to the unique biological and physical features of humanity, ethnicity refers to the classification of large groups of people by their similar race, nationality, tribe, religion, language, cultural background, or origin.


Evaluation is an analytical appraisal of a program to determine its value, worth and importance, using criteria governed by a set of standards. This appraisal involves gathering and studying information about a program’s characteristics, activities, and results.


When looking at any biological population, you will inevitably see various characteristics that exist. The process of these changing heritable characteristics within biological populations over the course of generations is known as evolution.

Executive Coaching

Just over 40% of Fortune 500 companies incorporate some degree of executive coaching into their processes, with an estimated 53,300 coaching professionals working worldwide. Executive coaching is a professional association between a trained coach and their clients with the goal of improving the client’s management and leadership skills, and performance.

Executive Compensation

There are a number of elements that impact executives’ pay including salary, shares, options, stocks, and benefits. Tax laws and government regulations also play a role in determining this number.


Exercise is physical activity, that is planned, controlled, and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning the any part of the body. It is also used to improve a person’s health, maintain fitness, and exercise is an important method of physical rehabilitation.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology are responses including metabolism changes and physiology in different areas of the body, like the heart, lungs, muscles, and structural changes in cells. This type of physiology has an important role in the practice of clinical sports medicine. Exercise physiology has the power to slow the progression of diseases.