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Water covers about three-quarters of the Earth’s surface. It is used for hydration, transportation and manufacturing. This valuable resource must be conserved and protected. Our expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants on water specialize in a broad array of disciplines. They belong to a variety of professional organizations and have successfully testified before various state and federal commissions, and legislative bodies.


Weather is the Earth’s atmospheric conditions at a specific time and place. These atmospheric conditions are constantly changing. Severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding can destroy homes and businesses, damage crops, cause billions of dollars in damage, and lead to a large loss of life.


The technical advancements of the last three decades have been astounding. Wireless technology, such as computers, cell phones and the Internet have provided us with real-time access to the world in ways our parents and grandparents never imagined. Our experts are equipped to handle all technology issues.

Wireless Communications

According to (2018), ninety-six percent of Americans own a cell phone, three quarters of the American population has laptop computers, and nine out of ten Americans use the Internet. Cell phones, laptops, and the Internet are made possible by wireless communication.


Significant progress has been made in Women’s Rights in the last century. Women can now vote, own property, and have access to higher education. However, Domestic Abuse, discrimination, and other women’s issues are still affecting today’s women.


Libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, breach of contract, and plagiarism are all issues that strike fear into the hearts and minds of writers. These issues can lead to legal troubles for authors of books, magazines, newspapers, essays, grants, along with speeches and internet websites.

Wrongful Death

Every year, hundreds of people die because of the actions or lack of actions of another person or persons. These wrongful deaths result in civil suits brought by the victims’ families against those responsible for their loved one’s death.