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Expert Background Reports

Knowing what opposing experts have testified or written, and what courts have thought about them is a critical part of your preparation process. Jump-start your opposition expert background research with thorough and cost-effective expert background reports.

Our partner, Expert Witness Profiler, offers three expert report options:

The Expert Witness Profile (a sample) is a comprehensive and cost-effective background report created by a team of highly trained attorneys who specialize in expert witness research and utilize not only ALL of the major legal research databases, but also semi-private and proprietary databases. The Profile includes information about an expert’s testifying history, challenge history, professional background, education, licensing and certifications (including verification), publications, social media and more. Expert Witness Profile is available for $495 in 5 business days with rush options available for an additional charge. Links to any supporting documents found on the open internet are provided and court documents, where available, may be requested for an additional charge.

The Expert Challenge Study ($125 in 3 business days with rush options available) contains just the challenge section of the Expert Witness Profile report – the expert’s prior history of being challenged/excluded/critiqued by the court due to his/her qualifications and methodology. Here is a sample Expert Challenge Study.

The Preliminary Screening Report (a sample) gives you both a snapshot of an expert’s testimonial history and an assessment of how prolific a testifier that expert has been in the past, for $25. Drawn from public and proprietary databases, this report provides the number of times the expert’s name was found in affidavits and reports, dockets, federal and state agency decisions, jury verdict reports, motions, pleadings, briefs, opinions, transcripts and more.

We believe the Preliminary Screening Report is a useful tool to help determine if there is enough information available regarding the expert to justify the investment in a full Expert Witness Profile. Because the $25 cost of the Preliminary Screening Report will be deducted from the cost of the full report, it is almost always best to begin the expert research process with a PSR.

We’re delighted to jump start your expert research. Please call us at (202) 908-4500 or click below to order a report.