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Key Practice Areas

Round Table Group has been the pioneering expert search and referral service for over 25 years, and we’re here to help you build a great team of consulting and testifying experts no matter what kind of law you practice. We have placed experts in a wide range of matters, and our team has experience and established contacts in a huge variety of fields, ranging from antitrust to trade secrets. Here are just a few of the many practice areas where we frequently help clients find their ideal experts:

COVID-19 Litigation

We’ll connect you with the experienced expert witnesses you need — the top experts in infectious disease and public health, insurance, price gouging, bankruptcy and debt restructuring, false claims, supply chain logistics, FDA regulations, employment benefits, pharmaceutical and food safety, and many other fields. We have steered our clients through multiple recessions, Y2K, the dot com meltdown, 9/11, the SARS epidemic, and the subprime mortgage crisis — and we will get through the COVID-19 pandemic together, too.


Patent, Trademark and Trade Dress Infringement

Need a technical expert? We have strong relationships with all kinds of technical experts and our case manager staff includes engineers (both in computer science and electrical engineering) as well as licensed attorneys and JDs that understand the issues in intellectual property litigation.


Pharmaceutical Litigation

We have done searches for over a thousand pharmaceutical-related matters, including patent, trade secret, class action, commercial practices, regulatory, etc. We are connected to experts with deep knowledge and experience in biochemistry, biological engineering, biology, biomedical science, drug development, environmental biology, gene therapy, microbiology, oncology, pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, toxicology and more. Please contact us to locate expert assistance for your matter.


Commercial Litigation

Whether your case involves a breach of a commercial contract or regulatory or corporate governance issues, we will find your experts who know the industry’s standards. Our recent industry experts have included areas involving grocery stores, valet parking, aftermarket tires, railroad safety, ADA stadium compliance, fire pits, life insurance, Chinese stock market, and flood/fire Mapping. We will find the right expert in any industry. Because we have so much experience in all types of litigation, we may even be able to suggest a type of expert for your litigation that you were not even aware existed.


Insurance Litigation

Round Table Group has over 25 years of experience assisting litigators on myriad insurance matters. We know experts in underwriting, liability and casualty insurance, commercial insurance agency and brokerage, water and flood damage (including natural disasters), health and medical, insurance fraud, bad faith, claims and claim handling, professional liability and reinsurance, etc. Please contact us about the unique needs of your matter, and we will quickly connect you with the experts you need.