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As the industry leader in expert witness search and placement, we already have well-established relationships with a wide variety of experts spanning thousands of high-demand areas (including experts close to wherever you need help), but we build new relationships with every search to find you the perfect fit. Choose a field below to see a small sample of our expansive network, or enter a keyword in the search box to explore on your own. Please keep in mind that the experts listed here represent only a small portion of our extensive network, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us to let us help you with a complimentary search!

Banking & Finance

With 25 years of experience handling expert searches for banking and financial disputes, we have access to an ever-expanding network of highly qualified experts. Our experienced case managers have specialized backgrounds and take the time to thoroughly understand your needs so you can feel confident you’re getting the best expert for your case.

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Based on the Latin word ingenium ("cleverness"), engineering uses scientific principles to design and build machines, structures and processes... a process which lies at the core of not only many businesses, but also our civilization. The cleverness of our engineering experts -- in hundreds of fields -- is unsurpassed.

Engineering blueprints


Science underlies a large number of the innovations which have made our lives better in the past centuries, and it continues to fuel the pace of innovation today. We have recently provided experts in many cases ranging from the chemistry of cosmetics to seismicity hazards in the vicinity of fracking sites.

Periodic table


Technology is changing daily. We have found experts recently in cases involving GPS technology on bikes, iPad use in hotels, cryptocurrency involving mobile banking apps, and issues involving cloud technology. We have thousands of relevant experts on board and a staff including recruiters with a background in computer engineering and experience in aerospace and telecom industries to help identify experts needed in these fields.

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