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Expert Witness Finding Services for Litigators & General Counsel

We think you deserve access to an on-call dream team of subject matter experts to take you and your clients to the next level.

We also think getting a great expert team shouldn’t be so time-consuming. Don’t “write off” your expert research time — we’ll take it off your plate, so you can spend your time on higher-value billable work.

Engaging Experts® for Business-Critical Litigation

Round Table Group researches and contacts experts who are qualified, available, and prospectively interested; sends their resumes and fee schedules to you; and arranges interviews via a conference call or video conference. You only have to provide a few minutes of your time to send us party names for a conflict check and describe the ideal expert(s) you’re looking for and we’ll introduce you to great experts.

We’re delighted to customize how we contact experts and the information we tell them based on your instructions. Our goal is to find outstanding expert candidates that meet your parameters on your timeline. Our fee is incorporated in the hourly rate presented in the expert’s fee schedule. If you do not hire an expert, there is no cost to you.

When you return with your next expert request, the process will be even more seamless as our team already understands your workflow. Our expert witness services professionals – most of whom have nearly a decade of experience at finding and working with experts — strive to earn their place as trusted players in your litigation process.