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Many cases go to trial over a monetary loss or injury, and damages experts are often retained in order to lend their expertise to these cases. Our damages expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars from major universities, lawyers, accountants, economists, and industry professionals who have worked in the healthcare, computer services, construction, and real estate industries, among others.

Data Analysis

The analysis of data is more important than ever, as the amount of data generated and informing decision making has been increasing with the advancement of new technologies. Our data analysis experts have deep experience identifying, collecting, and organizing data as they have worked as applied statisticians, educators, geologists, economic consultants, database engineers, and data scientists.

Data Mining

The rise of big data has been monumental, and as of 2019, 90% of the world’s data was generated in the previous two years alone. By the end of 2020, the world will contain over 50 billion connected smart devices that are all collecting and sharing data. Our data mining expert witnesses have advised the National Science Foundation and worked or consultant for several private companies such as Bell Labs, NCR, Novell, Union Bank of Switzerland, and various law firms, as well as clients on Wall Street and in the internet gaming and biotechnology industries.


The amount of data being generated daily around the world is significant, as U.S companies alone generate enough data each year to fill 10,000 Libraries of Congress. Ourdatabase expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars from major universities and industry professionals who have worked extensively with organizations in the financial services, manufacturing, transportation, government, and military industries, such as Bell Laboratories, Argonne National Laboratory, the US Army Research Laboratories, the Center of Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences at NASA, and the United Nations Environment Program.

Decision Making

Decisions are made within every industry and in every individual’s personal lives. These decisions occasionally lead to negative ramifications which can result in litigation, and decision-making expert witnesses are equipped with the expertise to speak to decision making on a deeply informed and scientific level. Our decision-making expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars from major universities and industry professionals who have consulted for organizations such as Royal/Dutch Shell, Eli Lilly, IBM, General Motors, and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and National Bureau of Standards. Their expertise spans many disciplines ranging from psychology and medicine to business and political science.


Every 3 seconds, someone on the planet develops dementia, with an estimated 50 million individuals living with dementia in 2017. Our dementia experts have worked as neurologists, nurses, psychiatrists, educators, and pharmacologists.


Oral diseases affect 3.9 billion people around the world, and oral conditions are the fourth most expensive to treat. Our dental experts have worked as dentists, insurance brokers, oral surgeons, educators, and researchers.

Dental Implants

The dental implant market was valued at just under $700 million in 2018, and it is estimated that 5 million implants are placed every year in the US. Our dental implants experts have worked as directors of implant restorations, educators, dentists, periodontists, and prosthodontists.


Dentistry is the medical specialty concerned with the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders, and conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and the adjacent and associated structures. Our dentistry expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants specialize in a broad array of disciplines including material science, healthcare, orthodontics, dental surgery, prosthodontics, biomedical engineering, pediatric dentistry, oncology, biology, medicine, and more.


According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 16.2 million adults in the United States (6.7% of the adult population) had at least a single major depressive episode in 2016. Experts on depression are often retained in order to lend their expertise to cases that involve psychology, social work, addiction, mental health, and more.


Our derivatives expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars from major universities and industry professional who have extensive knowledge in the fields of finance, economics, law, banking, management, and risk management, among others. Areas of expertise include financial derivatives, over-the-counter derivatives, derivatives valuation, energy derivatives valuation, derivative strategies, risk management, derivative securities, derivatives markets, options, futures, swaps, banking law, software, and more. Our derivatives experts have consulted with major public utilities, energy companies, auditing firms, corporations, investment bankers, elected municipal officials, and commercial bankers; have provided expert testimony and participated in speaking engagements worldwide; and have been widely published.


Our dermatology expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are medical professionals with comprehensive knowledge and experience in areas including cosmetic dermatology, medicine, varicose vein treatment, and Mohs and laser surgery. Our experts have lectured and appeared on television, including ’20/20′ and ‘The Today Show’, in their areas of expertise. They have been published on such topics as laser therapy, Mohs surgery, cosmetics, varicose vein treatment, sclerotherapy, lasers, and cosmetic dermatology surgery and aesthetic procedures. Our dermatology experts have successfully testified for both plaintiffs and defense in a variety of cases including medical malpractice cases.


Our design expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars and researchers from major universities as well as industry professionals whose extensive knowledge spans multiple disciplines, including computer science and information technology (embedded systems, design automation, VLSI design, PLL design, future of technology, computer systems, computer architecture, logic design, computer-aided design, etc.), electrical engineering (integrated circuit design and analysis, high-performance circuit design, synchronous digital and mixed-signal systems, deep sub–micron design and analysis, switching power supply design, audio frequency analog circuit design, op amps, instrumentation circuits, high-performance digital hardware, etc.), mechanical engineering (design of manufacturing equipment, software, project engineering, aerospace engineering, biomechanics, mechanical systems design, patent infringement, computer-controlled machinery, materials, plastic product design and process development, facilities design, adhesives, polymers, composites, etc.), and architecture (design theory, urban design, city planning, lighting, environments for older adults, etc.). They are also specialists in ergonomics, industrial design, traffic engineering, bioengineering, graphic design, oral drug delivery, product development and design, safety, and many other areas. Our design experts are prolific authors of a variety of books, journal articles, and patents.


Our development expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars and researchers from major universities and industry professionals whose fields of expertise are broad and varied. They specialize in areas as diverse as adolescent development, social development, business development, advertising/new concept development, political development, economic development, drug development, industrial development, software development, technology development, agricultural development, education development, Web development, and more. Our development experts are prolific of authors of books and scholarly articles and research in their respective fields.


Our devices expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars and researchers from major universities and industry professionals whose fields of expertise are broad and varied. They are experts in areas such as electrical engineering (semiconductor devices, photonic detectors and components, high frequency amplifiers, silicon-on-insulator technology, electronic devices, microwave devices, electromagnetic devices, MOS devices, failure analysis, nonlinear optics, lasers, optical lithography, etc.) and bioengineering and biomechanics (orthopedics, spinal implants, neurological devices, medical device regulation, FDA, patient injuries related to use of medical devices, vascular medicine, etc.) and have experience with network and wireless devices, traffic control devices, surgical devices, flotation devices, optical devices, data storage devices, and many other devices. Our devices experts have worked with organizations such as the U.S. military, IBM Watson Research Lab, Hewlett- Packard Integrated Circuit Business Division, and the Max- Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics, among others. They are prolific authors of books, research, and scholarly articles in their respective fields.


In the US today, it is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that more than 100 million adults are living with either diabetes or prediabetes. This is 9.4 percent of the U.S. population. Our diabetes experts have worked as internal medicine practitioners, educators, endocrinologists, oncologists, psychologists, nutritionists, and researchers.

Digital Media

Content is being digitized at an incredible rate, as the internet is responsible for the majority of the distributed video, audio, written, and social content. Digital media experts can speak to the design of media systems, advertising practices, consumer technology, digital communication, intellectual property, and more. Our digital media experts have worked as technology executives, educators, digital effects professionals, broadcast professionals, media policy consultants, to name a few.


Director is a position held in business, government, sports, and the arts. This means that directing experts are retained to lend their specific expertise to a variety of legal matters. Our directing experts have worked as directors, professors, writers, producers, actors, artists, executives, theatre owners, stage combat technicians, and more.


In 2016, it was estimated that 12.8% of the US population had a disability. 51% of the individuals with disabilities were between the ages of 18-64, 41% were over 65, and 7.3% between 5-17. Our disabilities expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are professionals from various industries and backgrounds which include but are not limited to special education, medicine, construction, architecture, and legal rights for people with disabilities and their needs. Our experts serve on a range of different organizations such as Rehabilitation International, the Special Olympics, and the National Institute of Justice Advisory Board. They have also published extensively on disabilities and their relationship to a broad range of subjects, such as human rights, employment policy, and federal laws. Our disabilities experts have successfully testified for plaintiffs and defense in a variety of cases.


Discrimination is a specific social behavior in which prejudice exists based on group, class, or category that an individual is perceived to belong. Our discrimination expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars and researchers from major universities and industry professionals.


The World Health Organization states that chronic diseases are the primary cause of death around the world, and retaining the right disease expert for a case makes a huge difference when you consider the range of diseases that exist. Our disease experts have consulted for numerous pharmaceutical companies and have successfully testified in a variety of cases.


Distribution experts are often retained to lend their expertise to cases that arise within various industries and across a wide range of focus areas. Our distribution expert witnesses, speakers, and consultants are scholars from major universities and industry professionals who are knowledgeable in numerous areas such as finance, e-commerce, income distribution, food distribution, gas distribution, Internet distribution, sales, utilities, and warehouse distribution.


Gen Z and millennials are the most diverse generations in history, and a majority of job seekers prefer a diverse workplace. Our diversity experts have conducted presentations, workshops, and training on diversity and change; worked with government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations; and have written extensively on diversity in their respective fields.


About 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in separation or divorce, which is the sixth-highest divorce rate in the world. Our divorce experts have worked as attorneys, educators, divorce specialists, forensic accountants, psychologists, and marriage counselors.


Drilling practices can result in accidents, misunderstandings, and political or business disputes. There are a lot of subspecialties when it comes to drilling, such as geography, economics, resources, and various technologies are all involved. Our drilling experts have worked as oil and gas executives, engineers, log analysts, petrophysicists, educators, drilling technology consultants, contract consultants, and energy advisors.

Drug Delivery

The drug delivery market is expected to reach an aCAGR of 5% between 2019-2024, which is largely driven by the development of new drugs and the growing understanding of human biology and diseases. Our drug delivery experts have worked as pharmaceutical executives, chemical engineers, educators, biomolecular engineers, drug delivery researchers, and doctors.

Drug Design

New medications are being designed and made available every year, and the process from invention to market release can be complex and full of legal vulnerabilities. Our drug design experts have worked as biochemists, biomedical consultants, educators, organic chemists, drug designers, pharmaceutical executives, and data scientists.

Drug Development

The development and go-to-market process of new pharmaceutical drugs is complex and nuanced. Drug development experts are often retained to lend their expertise to cases that require knowledge of drug discovery, FDA regulations, clinical trials, regulatory approval, and more. Our drug development experts have worked as pharmaceutical executives, chemists, drug development professionals, and pharmacologists to name just a few.

Drug Discovery

Drug discovery is the name given to the process of discovering new candidate medications, and this process applies to pharmacology, biotechnology, and medicine. Our drug discovery experts have worked as pharmaceutical professionals, consultants, educators, biotechnology professionals, chemists, drug development professionals, pharmacologists, and more.


Drugs experts are often retained in one of two contexts, pharmaceutical or recreational. This leads to a wide array of focus areas as it relates to drugs, and our drugs experts have worked as chemists, psychologists, nutritionists, biologists, forensic medicine professionals, drug regulation professionals, law enforcement professionals, educators, and more.

Due Diligence

The process of due diligence refers to a voluntary investigation that takes place prior to a legal process. There are many areas of litigation that could call for a due diligence expert, including valuations, accounting, fraud investigations, risk management, and more. Our due diligence experts have worked as financial executives, real estate appraisers, development consultants, forensic engineers, health care professionals, educators, insurance underwriters, and more.


Dynamics experts are often retained in order to lend their expertise to engineering, mechanics, and robotics cases. Our dynamics experts have worked as mechanical engineers, accident reconstruction consultants, mathematicians, economists, and more.