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Expert Witness Contracts

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The Overlooked Importance of an Expert Witness Retainer

Expert witness retainers and engagement letters are a staple within consulting and testifying engagements. They allow both parties to put the specific terms of their engagement in writing and avoid pitfalls or misunderstandings that could arise during the term of the contracts (frequently the length of the litigation). The aim is to clearly acknowledge critical terms and mitigate the potential for future issues.  

Are Cannabis Contracts Legally Enforceable?

The enforceability of a cannabis-related contract is determined by a variety of circumstances: What is the language of the state statute related to legalization? When was the contract formed, and was the conduct illegal at that time? No matter the circumstance, this challenge is one that cannabis businesses and their legal teams should prepare for. 

Helping Attorneys Achieve Success After an Expert is Placed

Round Table Group is the expert at finding and placing expert witnesses using its extensive database and network. But, what happens after an expert witness is placed? Does the team at Round Table Group remain involved in the outcome, or does it simply leave the rest of the process up to the client?

Busting Expert Witness Contract Myths

We take some time to quickly bust three common contract myths within the industry.

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