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Expert Witness Testifying

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Cross Examination Preparation: Finding Your Voice in the Courtroom

Cross examination can be stressful for experts and cause them to inadvertently slip up, so many legal teams will spend significant time prepping an expert. Our experts shared some tips on how to be prepared.

How to Be Viewed as a Credible Expert in Your Field

Being viewed as an expert before ever stepping foot in the courtroom, or with little to no testifying experience starts with respect in the field. Active professionals are the most likely to achieve this level of notoriety through participation at industry-specific events and organizations, notable certifications, and written work in trusted publications.

Preparing Your Expert Witness for Testimony

Legal teams can help position their experts for success by ensuring they are equipped with everything needed to be convincing and authoritative in the role. Even the most experienced experts need preparation prior to testimony.

Proposed Amendments to Federal Rule of Evidence 702

Seemingly capricious applications of Federal Rule of Evidence 702, which establishes a standard for the admissibility of expert witness testimony, have caused frustration among some attorneys for years. Starting in 2017, a committee formed to address the issue and their recommendations are now out. These proposed amendments to Rule 702 could go a long way toward strengthening reliability and benefiting the justice system.  

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