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How to Be Viewed as a Credible Expert in Your Field

December 24, 2022
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Credibility is paramount as an expert witness as the ability to get hired and influence a jury is heavily reliant on the perception of one’s work in their field. Navigating this as an expert can be a daunting task, and one that takes years of proactive participation. While many professionals find themselves in a position of having to testify without experience, their CV and networking skills can still be extremely advantageous. So, how does one go about increasing credibility as an expert witness on paper?  

Being viewed as an expert before ever stepping foot in the courtroom, or with little to no testifying experience starts with respect in the field. When an expert’s name is spreading throughout industry spaces, attorneys take notice and jury’s perceptions change. Active professionals are the most likely to achieve this level of notoriety through participation at industry-specific events and organizations, notable certifications, and written work in trusted publications. Experts aiming to establish this heir of expertise must start somewhere, which is why we want to share some quick tips to increase credibility in the field. 

Participate at Conferences 

Conferences are an invaluable way to increase your credibility as an expert witness. The experience improves communication skills while adding to your CV. There are several ways to participate in these events, from speaking to joining a panel or contributing written materials. By sharing your expertise and experience with an audience, you demonstrate your knowledge and ability to effectively communicate it. Your audience will perceive you as an authority on the topic, which will in turn add to your credibility. 

Attending conferences also provides an opportunity to network with peers and other subject matter experts, giving you the chance to form relationships with key contacts and cultivate industry-wide credibility. By being visible in the industry, you can become more recognized and respected as an expert in your field. Experts who actively engage with the latest developments and take the time to share knowledge with peers, show dedication to their profession and have a deep understanding of the subject.  

Pursue Continuing Education 

Staying up to date on the latest developments in your field is essential for credibility and knowledge growth. By engaging in continued education, an expert witness can demonstrate their commitment to professionalism and expertise to the court. They can also demonstrate their ability to stay abreast of the latest developments in their field, which can be especially beneficial in complex cases.  

Continued education can also help an expert witness hone their presentation skills if they are the ones delivering the course. Teaching is a great resume builder while also helping experts become more fluent within their specialty. This can be beneficial in both direct and cross-examination and any other interactions with the court. In short, continued education can be a powerful tool for any expert witness, allowing them to demonstrate their commitment to their craft and stay ahead of the curve in their field. 

Publish Your Work 

Published research and articles in respected peer-reviewed journals and publications is a powerful method of demonstrating your knowledge as an expert witness. Doing so allows the evidence of one’s expertise to become public and widely available, thus making it easier to corroborate and verify. Consider it a way to showcase thought leadership and breadth of knowledge on a credible platform. 

Being published in academic journals also boosts an expert’s reputation among peers, serving as a stamp of approval and testament to the reliability of one’s expertise. These same peers might be able to recommend you for expert work if they hear of an opportunity after reading your article. There are many strategies here, from publishing in Bar Association sources read by litigators to short thought leadership content published across niche industry sites.  

Remain Active in Professional Organizations 

Participating in professional organizations related to your field can build relationships with other experts and help you gain credibility. Members of reputable organizations can demonstrate their commitment to professional standards, stay informed of the latest developments, and use events and speaking engagements to market their expertise. It also serves as an endorsement from the association itself, providing recognition from a reputable source. 

Members of professional associations often have access to important resources and networking opportunities, allowing them to stay updated on the latest developments in their field. This helps bolster credibility as an expert witness by providing an up-to-date understanding of relevant topics. Active members of these organizations have more opportunities to demonstrate expertise through speaking engagements, conferences, and other events. This can be an effective marketing tool that helps to build a positive reputation and increases one’s credibility as an expert witness. 

Expert witnesses are responsible for helping layperson juries understand the nuances on many topics related to a case. This requires establishing credibility both inside and outside of the courtroom. Despite the critical importance of this role, there are no true standards that detail the process of increasing credibility. The tips we outlined above are proven methods to increase or bolster credibility, while also furthering your career as an expert witness.  

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