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The Developing 5G Patent Race 

The USPTO recently released a report that argues “no company or country leads in 5G patenting.” The data that underlines this report is pulled from 5G patents that were self-declared, meaning they were not checked for essentiality or validity. Regardless of the difficulty pinpointing a leader, the 5G patent race is becoming increasingly competitive, with 5G on track to become one of the most lucrative Standard Essential Patent (SEP) markets. An SEP is a patent that claims an invention that must comply with a technical standard. 

Trends Impacting Patent Law in 2022

Continued uncertainty in supply chains and the attempts of regulators to catch up to innovation lead many spectators to believe that patent disputes will continue to thrive in the coming year. 

MedTech & 5G Licensing Litigation

In an increasingly connected and digitized world, 5G is emerging as a driving force for innovation across industries such as medical technology (MedTech). As we are now in the early stages of the development and deployment of 5G technology, companies and legal teams in this space should be acquainting themselves with the specifics of 5g licensing, as it raises concerns about intellectual property litigation.

Emerging Litigation Around 5G Technology

“As more devices and tools become connected, smart cars, crop communication, machinery, etc. will be further developed by innovators to maximize incoming data.” Read on as we assess how 5G will impact businesses around the world and affect the subsequent influx of litigation surrounding this new technology.

Station-Keeping for Stratospheric Airships

A balloon or airship, floating in the stratosphere and providing communications or surveillance services to users on the ground, would be a boon to many users. 

Stories from Industry: US Patent 6,961,018 and the Moving GPS-RTK Base Station

Dr. Heppe discusses how ScanEagle, a small, unmanned aircraft, was developed to provide precise GPS navigation and positioning.

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