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Expert Witnesses for Banking & Finance Litigation

Have you ever hired a sub-prime expert witness? If so, Round Table Group can help you out.

Banking and Finance involve massive systems and complex regulations… leading to lots of litigation and the need for experts who can ask the right questions, dig into the data, and explain what it all means.  Whether you are dealing with disputes related to contracts, securities, loan agreements, or regulatory compliance, really understanding the intricate workings of these financial entities and their computer systems, best practices, legal requirements, and more is vital for successfully navigating your clients’ financial litigation.

Round Table Group can help connect you with experts with the exact experience and knowledge you need, whatever that is. You can bank on us. Our experts are money!

Here is a sampling of fields in which our finance and banking experts are knowledgeable:


Spend your time preparing your experts, not searching for them. We’ll conduct a quick but thorough search and deliver a roster of top candidates for you to review. There’s no charge for the custom search – you pay only the clearly disclosed hourly rate if you retain one of our experts. REQUEST A FREE SEARCH
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