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Expert Witnesses for Environmental & Energy Litigation

The complex balance between our daily human needs (food, housing, and transportation) and important collective values (air and water quality, public health, global warming) and the complex web of federal, state, and local regulations which try to control them, lead to lot of opportunities for legal work… including environmental impact assessments, and permitting as well as toxic torts and regulatory enforcement about conservation, land use, pollution, and compliance.

Environmental and energy litigation requires experts to explain the detailed industry standards and best practices of farming, fracking, mining, etc. and human and ecological systems on the other. Round Table Group has the network of experienced industry professionals and top academic researchers to help you tell your client’s story, whatever it is.

Don’t let toxic testimony pollute your case. Clean up your act with a proven expert witness from Round Table Group — the natural choice when you need experts for your environmental and energy law cases.

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