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Expert Witnesses for COVID-19 Litigation

In these unprecedented times, countless organizations, businesses and groups of people are facing newly challenging physical, mental and financial situations which raise significant questions – the standard of care in a pandemic involving a novel and deadly virus, insurance coverage during a government-required business shutdown, and breaking supply-chain contracts under government duress in light of an international emergency – which will inevitably be addressed through litigation. Much of this litigation has already begun.

As you and your clients consider how to best respond to these issues, it is a best practice to take advantage of expert advice. To assist our clients, Round Table Group has assembled a stable of experienced expert witnesses in numerous areas of expertise relevant to current and future COVID-19 litigation. Specifically, we have a deep network of experts in fields such as:

Infectious Disease/Epidemiology/Virology/Public Health/Pulmonology/Immunology

Experts with these often overlapping areas of expertise are being called upon to use their knowledge of complex biological and disease concepts to address a myriad of legal issues including negligence, failure to warn and premises liability by explaining how the coronavirus replicates and spreads. These medical experts will be crucial in health insurance and standard of care cases, among many others.


Insurance coverage litigation is on the rise as individuals and businesses are turning to their insurance policies to cover their losses during the pandemic. A wide variety of insurance experts with expertise in areas such as property insurance, health insurance, business interruption and others will be needed to assist both policyholders and insurance companies with these cases. These experts will likely be needed all over the country, as insurance laws vary by state.

Supply Chain/Logistics/Transportation

Experts in these areas will be called upon to address claims of business interruption and supply chain disruption. They will also be needed for breach of contract litigation involving claims of delivery delays, and product and/or supplier substitution deemed necessary due to the spread of COVID-19.

Employment/Labor/Unemployment Benefits

There are numerous employment-related legal issues related to COVID-19. These include employment discrimination, health and safety workplace violations, and employee claims of retaliation for reporting compliance concerns. Some predict that a large number of class actions will soon arise relating to layoffs in violation of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which requires advance notice of large layoffs, and wage/hour violations and unemployment claims under the Family First Coronavirus Response Act.

We’ll Get Through This Together

Round Table Group has been the pioneering expert search and referral service for over 25 years. We have experienced expert witnesses ready to help you and your clients in all areas listed above, as well as others including price gouging/antitrust, bankruptcy/debt restructuring, false claims, FDA regulations, pharmaceuticals, food safety and many more. We have steered our clients through multiple recessions, Y2K, the dot com meltdown, 9/11, the SARS epidemic, and the subprime mortgage crisis – and we will get through the COVID-19 pandemic together, too.

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Here’s a small sampling of fields in which our COVID-19 experts are knowledgeable: