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The Origins of the Experts on Experts®

January 13, 2021

Round Table Group was founded to help litigators and law firms locate, assess, and engage the right expert at the right time. As pioneers of the expert search and referral industry, we are the Experts on Experts®. Our skilled team successfully placed thousands of experts over the last 25 years and saved attorneys time, and money typically spent on expert witness searches.   

The path to where Round Table Group is today was an exciting one and started in the mid-’90s. Lawyers and expert witnesses were not on our minds at that time. Our startup concept was to create the world’s first consulting form, consisting entirely of university professors. This was a unique concept and was driven by the fact that the co-founders were inspired by their incredible teachers a Northwestern, Cornell, Vanderbilt, and the University of Chicago.  It seemed natural that these rock star faculty members should be utilized for their expertise more often.  

The “ah-ha” moment came for us when our appearances in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine received attention from quite a few law firm partners. This led to the realization that it was time-consuming and inefficient for litigators to find their own expert witnesses and the influx of calls from litigators because of our rapidly growing network of professors.   

Now, 25 years later, one of Round Table Group’s hallmarks is our expert witness research process. Besides building the world’s largest database and network of experts, we have also had the honor of working with countless exceptionally talented and insightful attorneys.   

Our podcast, Discussions at the Round Table, explores this realization that the litigators we work with are just as many experts themselves as the expert witnesses that we recommend to them. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Russ Rosenzweig, hosts the series and intends to showcase and introduce you to some of the top litigators in our nation as we discuss all things related to their practice and specialties.   

In the premiere podcast episode, Russ invited his teacher and guru, John Corcoran, to discuss Round Table Group’s history that we eluded to above. They also examine why litigators should turn to the experts on experts® when seeking an expert witness. Russ and John are also joined by Round Table Group’s National Business Development Manager Dan Rubin, Senior Manager of IP Services Brice David, and Business Development Executive David Seeley 

Listen to the recent episode of Discussions at the Round Table podcast.

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