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David Seeley

Engagement Specialist


David has worn a few different hats with Round Table Group. He very much enjoys helping people and has been a part of our team for 6 years. He started as a Case Coordinator where he handled reception, supported lead triage for incoming expert witness requests, and helped manage our CRM and database. He moved over to the business development team and was instrumental in helping RTG identify new business opportunities via outbound phone calls, social media presence, podcasts and webchat. Currently, he works as part of our customer service team where he assists clients with inquiries about our billing processes and engagement agreements. He also assists our vendors with their contracts and billing inquiries.


David earned his B.S. in Theology and is M.A in Fine Arts.


Outside of his work with Round Table Group, David enjoys spending time with family, traveling to new destinations, following his favorite sports teams, as well as running and biking regularly.