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Texas Computer Software Development Expert Witness #1076

Expert has nearly 30 years of experience in the development of computer software. He has a history of original application of software principles, techniques, and products to the needs of well-established and innovative business clients. He has worked with most types of operating systems, databases and programming languages used in business.

He has real, commercial experience with 20+ programming languages and a reading knowledge of many more. He is adept at the actual application of those languages in a wide variety of industries. As a manager, project leader and developer, he has intimate practical knowledge of the software development process. As an independent consultant and developer since 1977, he is also familiar with vendor-client issues of contracting, delivery, acceptance and support for software services and products.
In over a dozen years serving Exxon, he was responsible for a long string of "firsts" in the use of PCs in a rigorous commercial environment. Expert was the original author of all of the software that started and ran Karl Rove + Company`s direct mail marketing business from 1983 to 1999.
He is an experienced expert witness with numerous expert witness assignments including deposition and trial testimony.

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