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I have 30 years of experience, and specialize in the field of real estate valuation with specific knowledge in the areas of commercial properties, including office, retail and multi-family. I have published on such topics as cap rates, energy saving impacts, market trends and real estate property assessments. I have testified 20 times on topics such as land values, office sales prices and multi-family pricing. In terms of “remarkable” two things we are proud of:1. Despite a VERY litigious world, especially as it relates to very expensive and top tier, complex real estate, we have ZERO lawsuits and complaints against us, filed either directly against us, or with any regulatory body. That speaks to depth of analysis.2. In all the cases we have had fully decided to date, we have never lost a case. Considering we have valued properties from all vantage points (borrower v lender; plaintiff v defendant; landlord v tenant; general partner v limited partner; etc), it would be my view that our work product and analysis has withstood a very high level of scrutiny.

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