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I have 40 years of experience and specialize in the field of natural resource and ecological economics with specific knowledge in the areas of rangeland and related resources, livestock and wildlife enterprises, integrated biophysical and economic modes, and decision support systems and investment analysis of rangeland restoration practices. I have published on such topics as investment analysis of rangeland restoration practices, integrated biophysical and economic modes and decision support systems, and optimal allocation of water and rangeland resources among competing uses. I have testified 10 times on topics such as presence or absence of prudent management of rangelands and related enterprises, appropriate rangeland restoration practices, and costs and economic feasibility of proposed ranch and rangeland management plans. I participated in the development and presentation of an economic and biological assessment of trends in grasslands and related resources of the United States for the Nature Conservancy, National Cattlemens Beef Association and Ducks Unlimited. This study has been cited as a major contributing factor in the passing of the act creating the USDA “Grasslands Reserve Program.”

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