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I have 20 years of experience, and specialize in the field of public transportation with specific knowledge in the areas of federal transit grants, National Transit Database and TDM, public private partnerships, oversight programs, reauthorization legislation, and ridership enhancement. I have published on such topics as transit reauthorization, guaranteed ride home programs and tax incentive and other methods to improve ridership. I have testified on federal funding of transit programs, federal grants management and administration and transportation planning process. I designed, developed, and implemented a unique evaluation process applied to public transit agencies to determine how they could improve ridership. It involved my leading a team of experts who reviewed fares and fare media; operations and maintenance: service coverage and routes; marketing, communications, and advertising; and partnerships at several agencies to identify recommendations and opportunities for improvement. I also developed the course curriculum for the National Transit Institute to teach transit agencies to conduct self-assessments to improve ridership.

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