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I have 30 years of experience, and specialize in the field of telecommunications with specific knowledge in the areas of disaster recovery, network vulnerability analysis and telecommunications revenue recovery. I have published on such topics as business resumption planning, disaster recovery planning and emerging telecommunications technology. I have testified 24 times on topics such as telecom billing disputes, emerging technology and fraud. In a word, it would have to be my versatility over a broad range of topics. My 12 books and over 700 trade articles stand as testament to my ability, having withstood the scrutiny of thousands of technologists and peers. My 30 years of experience includes a host of firms engaged in banking, brokerage, heavy manufacturing, telecommunications services and government. A noted author and technical futurist, I am responsible for many technological firsts in telecommunications as well as disaster recovery. I served ten years as an elected Mayor and City Councilman of a Dallas suburb.

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Dallas, TX
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