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I have 39 years of experience, and specialize in the field of mammography and mammography education with specific knowledge in the areas of positioning/compression image critique and pathology, regulations and inspection preparation and consulting services/breast center establishment and management. I have published on such topics as mammography positioning. I have testified on mammography positioning, mammography compression and imaging the augmented breast. My professional life began in 1974 when I was just out of radiology school and was asked if I would like to specialize in mammography. My mother was dying at that time from breast cancer and died one year later. My career has been dedicated to saving lives everyday by doing and teaching all aspects of mammography and image quality.What the radiologist is able to see on the mammogram depends on how well the technologist does her job. Bad mammography cannot be recognized without the knowledge of good mammography and it does no good to screen women with mammography if you leave the cancer in the room. Mammography is the most difficult of all imaging modalities to perform. I am proud of my accomplishments and all of the hundreds of technologist I have trained.

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