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The practice of cytometry refers to the measurement of cell characteristics through a focus on cell size, cell count, cell cycle phase, and cell morphology. Our cytometry experts specialize in flow cytometry, cell sorting, hematology analysis, laser patents, microfluidics patents, and optics patents. Our cytometry experts have successfully testified for both plaintiffs and defense in a variety of cases, and are prolific international authors and lecturers.

Here are a few of our favorite Cytometry Expert Witnesses:

California Flow Cytometry, Hematology, Optics Expert 48211

This sample expert has over 25 years of experience and specialization in optics, with specific knowledge in flow cytometry, cell sorting, and hematology analysis. This expert has been issued 19 patents in optics, lasers, microfluidics, and biophotonics (17 more pending), as well as professional awards. This expert is a senior member of both OSA and SPIE. Founded and runs a design, consulting, and product development firm, and cofounded a design automation software company, both in Silicon Valley. Published on subjects from flow cytometry to optical design, and I teach courses on these subjects.

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