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Everyone involved in litigation has heard (or experienced) a story or two about an expert witness “rookie mistake” the expert or legal teams made.  On the Discussions at the Round Table podcast, we talk to expert witnesses and litigators about what they wish they knew when they first started, and how to be better expert witnesses or users of experts.

We hope you enjoy these Discussions at the Round Table, and that hearing the stories of other experts and litigators will help you navigate your own expert engagements more smoothly!

Consulting Expert Episodes

Dr. Nasser Heyrani, MD, Harvard Fellowship, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
May 31, 2024
Dr. Charles Parekh, Managing Director, NERA Economic Consulting
May 10, 2024
Donald Parent, Principal Consultant, Parent Technology Expert
March 4, 2024
Mike Favetta, Owner of WeatherPrep, LLC
February 5, 2024
John Lauhoff, PE, CSP, Owner, John P. Lauhoff Safety Consultant LLC
December 18, 2023
David Gannaway, MBA, CFE, CAMS, CVA, EA
December 5, 2023

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