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Relationship Building is the Key to Expert Witness Searches

September 30, 2022

In an era fueled by technology and instant connectivity, it’s easy to become mesmerized by what’s directly in front of you. Superficial networking is simpler than ever, as social platforms and digital tools connect us with nearly everyone. Despite this, experience and relationship building are still irreplaceable, especially in the expert witness search and referral industry.  

There are many AI-driven tools that offer the ability to pinpoint and connect with professional and academic experts around the world. These solutions utilize keywords, geographic locations, and behavioral data to match litigators with experts. While these solutions are powerful, they do not deliver the decades of personalized experience that humans possess. At Round Table Group, our experience enables us to quickly evaluate search results to determine fit. This is a skillset that has been honed over decades by our team of experts on experts.  

The belief that networking is the heart of expert witness searching can be viewed as a misunderstanding. It isn’t always as simple as modern networking. Complex searches require more than algorithms and keywords.  

Brice David, Senior Manager of IP Expert Witness Services, explains, “Expert witness searching is not really about networks, it’s about reach. Our reach provides legal teams with the ability to find trusted experts in the field quickly. Our decades of combined experience and relationship building puts us three degrees away from that perfect expert witness. This isn’t something that A.I. can deliver.” 

It’s this experience and the relationships which make it possible for us to know who you’re looking for. Our IP Expert Managers have technical degrees in areas such as computer engineering, with storied experience. We know the ins and outs of patents, including the expertise required to speak to specific IP matters. Our researchers have scoured the country for highly specialized experts in niche fields with unique credentials and experience.  

The relationships forged along the way position us to work exceptionally fast, with a team of our own experts utilizing all their experience as engineers, attorneys, academics and more. This focus on relationship building can be traced back to our first years as a search firm.  

In the early days of the internet, we set out to connect with every qualified professor at universities across the country. From medical device engineers to corporate accounting prodigies, we worked tirelessly to foster relationships with the greatest minds that the US educational system had to offer. Since then, these relationships have become our foundation, enabling us to continually grow and reach more experts daily. 

Mark Swansiger, Director of Expert Witness Services, says, “There is never a shortage of unique and strange searches that come across our desks. It’s important not to reinvent the wheel with each new search, and legal teams have come to trust our processes. This process is rooted in the relationships we build and the experience we have doing this work. It doesn’t matter how odd the search may be, we probably already know the expert, or where to find them” 

After over 25 years of pioneering this industry, we have become the experts on experts®. While technology provides quick and easy solutions, nothing compares to true experience. The daily dedication to building relationships is what differentiates Round Table Group from everyone else. It’s really that simple. But simplicity is often difficult to achieve.  

For more than 25 years, Round Table Group has helped litigators locate, evaluate, and employ the best and most qualified expert witnesses. Round Table Group is a great complement to any litigator’s quest for an expert witness and our search is always free of charge. Contact us at 202-908-4500 for more information or start your expert search now. 


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