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April 24, 2020

Round Table Group Announces COVID-19 Practice Area

In these unprecedented times, countless organizations and individuals are suffering. Many of them face singular legal challenges — the standard of care in a pandemic involving a novel and deadly virus, insurance liability during a government-required business shutdown, breaking supply-chain contracts in light of an international emergency and so on — which will inevitably be addressed through litigation. This litigation is already beginning.

In response to client requests, Round Table Group has assembled a stable of experienced expert witnesses in numerous areas of expertise relevant to current and future COVID-19 litigation. These experts have a depth of understanding unparalleled in their fields. Often, they are one of a very few that stand in the junction of several lines of inquiry. For instance, an infectious disease researcher focused on virology; an academic supply-chain expert with experience working for a large consumer goods supplier; an expert in emergency medical services with background in public policy; and an expert on policy interpretation of property coverage with experience working on behalf of both policy holders and insurance companies.

However, every case is unique. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience assisting attorneys in nearly every field. We have steered our clients through multiple recessions, Y2K, the dot com meltdown, 9/11, the SARS epidemic, and the subprime mortgage crisis – and we will get through the COVID-19 pandemic together, too.

Round Table Group has been the pioneering expert search and referral service for over 25 years. Our expert witness services managers are attorneys, engineers, and information specialists by trade – experts at finding experts – who have strong relationships with, and continue to recruit, the best and most current professionals in all industries.

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