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I have 35 years of experience, and specialize in the field of toxicology in which I am board certified with specific knowledge in the areas of effects of agents on human health, causation assessment and risk assessment. I have published on such topics as public versus personal risk, causation assessment methodology and neurotoxicology and many others. I have testified 99 times on topics such as well-water contamination, indoor environmental issues, explosions, fires, lead toxicity, pesticide toxicity, cancers, “toxic” brain disorders, environmental exposures of every variety and work-related exposures of numerous types. I am a licensed physician and a board certified toxicologist (MD, PhD and DABT). I have devoted much of my professional life to the proper assessment of the relationship between clinical disorders and alleged chemical or other environmental causes. Much of that assessment occurs in litigation since that is the arena in which this analytical methodology is most relevant. But analysis is irrelevant if the results cannot be well explained to fact finders. I have honed my skills as an excellent communicator to lay judges and juries during my 35 years of consulting.

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