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Expert obtained his PhD from Univ. of California, Berkeley in 1989 with research focus in control theory with applications in robotics. Since then, he has been a faculty member a two big universities. In addition to robotics, his research interests include power electronics and electro-mechanical machines control as reflected in his later publications and consulting activities. His consulting work has been primarily in the area of control of electric machines and power electronics. For example, in mid-90�s, he led the development of a turbine control program for a 750kW wind turbine which was later successfully commercialized in the US and Europe. More recently, his consulting work includes providing guidance to a major defense industry company on various technical issues relating to motor/generator and power control systems. His professional strength is his in-depth knowledge on advanced control theories as well as circuit-level electronics and computer systems. This combination allows him to carry out development work from rigorous analysis to system realization and to approach problems both from a theoretical perspective and from a practical standpoint.

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