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Radio Frequency (RF) Expert Witness #2027

Designing, managing, and consulting in the manufacture of radio frequency and microwave components, subsystems, and antennas for commercial and military space, airborne and ground applications. Designing small communications and electronics systems. Performing research and development, bid and proposal, design, prototyping, and data-requirement analyses for new products. Solving problems involving extreme environments, high power, spurious signals and distortion, noise and interference, radio propagation, and complex source and load impedances. Conducting tutorials, mentoring, team building, and lecturing in electrical engineering.
Investigating performance, reliability, safety, compliance, intellectual property and industry practices concerning communications and electronics, electrical and electromechanical equipment, and manufacture of engineered products. Consulting re. personal injury and property damage (product liability, harmful interference, moisture intrusion, fire), patent (infringement, opinion of counsel, Rule 132 declaration), trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract and warranty, and criminal (vehicle code, prohibited manufacture) matters, for plaintiff and defense, including expert testimony.

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