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I have 20 years of experience, and specialize in the field of information technology with specific knowledge in the areas of e-commerce, business intelligence and web analytics. I have published on such topics as computer-aided design, computer graphics and visualization and graphical user interfaces. I have testified on issues relating to the deletion of files on and cloning of a computer hard disk. I have over twenty years of startup and commercial software development experience in a variety of areas, including e-commerce analytics, visualization, internet multimedia and video conferencing, and computer-aided design. I had held senior engineering and research roles in large and small companies.I have taught computer graphics at university level and have authored two dozen research publications and conference presentations. I hold Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in computer science and a B.Tech. degree in electrical engineering.My specialties are intellectual property and patent review in e-commerce, business intelligence and web analytics; object-oriented architecture, design, prototyping and product development; technologies recently used: J2EE/Java (WebLogic, WebSphere, TomCat); Jetspeed; Spring, JSP, JFC (Swing); JNI; JDBC; C++; Hyperion Web Analysis; Hyperion Essbase (OLAP) multidimensional database and relational databases (DB2, Oracle).

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