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California Michael J. Potel, PhD

Areas of computer and software expertise

  • 3D imaging
  • Applications development
  • Computer graphics
  • Internet commerce
  • Java and internet software
  • Object-oriented systems
  • Personal and mobile computing
  • System software
  • User interfaces (UI)


  • Computer science
  • Consumer electronics
  • Digital data processing
  • Display processing
  • Display technology
  • Image processing
  • Internet technologies
  • Software

Educational background

He received a BS in Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 1970, and MS and PhD degrees in Information Sciences from the University of Chicago in 1971 and 1977, respectively.

Patents and inventions

Dr. Potel has developed products with Java and C++ class libraries, tools- and component- based groupware, Apple Computer-Macintosh products, OS, QuickTime, QuickDraw, TrueType, AppleScript, MAC ROMs, multimedia products and Apple II, graphics cards, video, sound and speech cards and chips, RISC, Apple MIDI interface and various systems applications.


Dr. Potel has published many articles and journal publications on the aforementioned technologies.

Employment history

Dr. Potel has over 35 years of experience in the computer and software industries with Taligent, Apple Computer and the University of Chicago.

He has also served as an independent consultant and expert witness in Internet commerce, Java, Internet software, User Interfaces, 3D Imaging, personal computing, object-oriented systems, computer graphics, software IP and various operating systems.

Dr. Potel has been an expert witness in numerous patent cases involving graphics projection systems, 3D graphic and video processors, printer halftone dithering technology, Web servers, e-commerce, browsers, 2D and 3D in CAD systems, Java databases, WEB authoring systems, wireless messaging and email protocols, object-oriented software development tools, game systems graphics, WAP/WML Internet and object technology, video interfaces and Internet image displays.
He has also testified in numerous federal patent cases and Markman hearings.

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