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Energetic, focused leader with over 20 years business experience in large and small companies, including as CTO of a billion-dollar publicly-traded consumer broadband corporation; CTO of a $100M consumer wireless hotspot services joint venture; Chairman of a Lucent wireless content-distribution/e-commerce spinout; manager or co-founder of several high-technology startups; CTO/CIO of an entertainment software/services company; CTO/CIO of an investment bank; member of Board of Directors for satellite, broadband wireless, and venture investment corporations; and research roles in the highest management-awarded corporate scientist positions at major international corporations
Expert has patent litigation experience and experience includes product/service design, definition, development, and delivery; R&D and IT management; and project, line, corporate management, corporate strategic partnering, staff management, public relations, technology transfer, and intellectual property management. Managed development of a wide range of systems, from research prototypes through commercial products and services. Leading technical expertise in system architecture, networking, distributed computing and communications, and broadband, including pioneering work in multimedia content distribution and delivery that yielded many worldwide Internet firsts.
Strong general management approach based on a customer-focused hands-on leadership style. International service delivery experience, including as CTO of corporations with wholesale and retail terrestrial landline/wireless and satellite service operations in North America, Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. Experienced, press-trained, capable writer and public speaker.

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