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Information Theory Expert #37974

This sample expert has 40 years’ experience in electrical and computer engineering.

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Areas of Information Theory expertise

  • Asymptotically optimum defect-correcting codes for data storage
  • Nonbinarycodes with fixed distance and low redundancy
  • Recursive decoding for Reed-Muller codes and theirsubcodes
  • Optimal coverings of the Hamming and Euclidean spaces
  • Quantum Codes

Educational backgroud

  • M.Sc.  Electrical Engineering (summa cum laude), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Ph.D.  Information Theory, Institute Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy Sciences

Experience in Field

University professor in an electrical engineering department since 1995. Senior researcher in coding techniques from 1983 to 1995. Head of an engineering team that designed data processing systems from 1979-1983. Engineer that designed data processing systems for space research from 1976 to 1979.

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