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Hotel Operations and Real Estate Expert Witness #1188

This expert is a Senior Vice President in a firm specializing in consulting to owners, developers, management companies, investors and financiers of hotels and other leisure properties. He is also Senior Vice President of a firm that specializes solely in the brokering of hotel properties around the world. This expert has over 30 years of hotel consulting experience. He received his MBA in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management from Michigan State University and a BA from UCLA. He is a Certified Public Accountant and holds real estate brokers licenses in Texas, Louisiana and Alabama. A member of the prestigious American Society of Real Estate Counselors (CRE) he is also a member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) and is a state certified general real estate appraiser in both Texas and Louisiana. Prior to his consulting career, he was in hotel operations with Marriott International and institutional feeding and housing with the UCLA Residence Hall System. This expert has managed a diverse series of projects including market studies for all types of land uses, highest and best use studies, and project financing. Assignments have also included lost profits calculations, economic impact, project financing, project feasibility, business valuation, hotel and restaurant appraisals, and contract arbitration. He also has experience in Mexico and the Caribbean.

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