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I have 25 years of experience, and specialize in the field of environmental remediation with specific knowledge in the areas of microbiology, chemistry and remediation technologies. I have published on such topics as environmental forensics, biodegradation and the use of stable isotopes in environmental applications. I have testified on environmental microbiology, soil chemistry and septic systems. I was the senior private sector scientist working as a contractor for the US Postal Service during a bioterrorism event. I implemented the technology to assess the extent of anthrax spore contamination in the Washington DC (Brentwood) and Trenton NJ post offices. I prepared building ingress and egress protocols and personal protective equipment and decontamination requirements that were later adopted by federal agencies. I also trained teams who screened post offices throughout the Eastern US for anthrax contamination and I trained NASA emergency responders at Cape Kenedy FL in the identification and safe handling of potential anthrax contaminated materials.

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