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California Computer Graphics Architecture expert witness #1347

Expert has over twenty-four years experience in analyzing, architecting, designing, managing, consulting, and teaching about computer systems and software, including eighteen years of analysis and architecture, fourteen years of hardware design, nineteen years of software design and programming, seven years of microprogramming, three years of lecturing and course development, and five years of management.

Expert`s project involvement has included project management, processor design management, validation management, processor development, validation software tool development, analyzing existing designs and recommending improvements, analyzing circuits, architectures, and firmware for patent and copyright infringement litigation, architecting and specifying machine organizations for implementation by other groups, stepping into the middle of projects to complete and deliver designs, post-project support and enhancements, and taking projects from proposal, through implementation, to customer delivery and acceptance. Expert has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and prior litigation support experience.

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