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Oregon Computer Forensices and Electronic Discovery Expert Witness #1270

Expert has over 35 years of international experience in computer analysis and programming, including more than 16 years in litigation support. He has provided litigation support in all manners of intellectual property cases, on both the plaintiff and defense sides. He is experienced in a variety of computer forensic explorations, including PC hard disk drive analyses, deleted file reconstruction, and historical, hidden, lost data restoration and discovery. He has also analyzed matters involving combinations of hardware and software and has testified about those elements. Additionally, expert has developed and presented several technical seminars, customized training in Personal Computer software, written over 30 books on computer technology, and starred in more than 25 video and CDROM presentations regarding computer software. He has expertise and is able to serve as an expert witness in the following: Software Copyright Infringement, Trade Secret Misappropriation, Patent Infringement, Internet Trademark Infringement, Computer Forensics, Computer Simulation, Data Analysis and Reduction, Data Capture and Conversion, Digital Data Forensics, Electronic Evidence Discovery, Operating Systems, Hardware and Software, Programming Languages, Data Networking and Communications, and Software.

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