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This expert is a former senior executive in two Fortune 100 Corporations with profit and loss responsibility and has served as the CEO of entrepreneurial and small businesses. She is currently Managing Principal of a Licensed Professional Fiduciary firm. She serves court-appointments on breach of fiduciary duty, Trust, Estate, and Conservatorship cases. In addition, she has experience in crisis management and assessment of complex and distressed or troubled business entities. The expert has testifying experience.

Experienced in: Corporate Governance, Partnership Disputes, Family-Owned Business Disputes, Trust Administration, Heir and Beneficiary Disputes, Trustee Self-Dealing and Malfeasance, Prudent Investor including UPIA, Standard for Private Trustees, Breach of Spousal Fiduciary Duty, Crisis Management, Supply Chain, Diversity Vendor/Supplier Disputes, Technology Systems and Change implementation failures and Diversity and Inclusion .

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