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New York ElectroChemistry and Bioanalytics Expert Witness #862

I have 40 years of experience, and specialize in the field of electrochemical analysis with specific knowledge in the areas of pH, ion-selective electrodes and titrimetry. My interests cover a broad range of analytical techniques including electrochemistry, pH, solution chemistry and bioanalytical techniques. In the past, my research covered broad areas of electroanalysis including potentiometry using ion-selective electrodes and the measurement of pH. My current research interests include the application of biological recognition (antibodies, nucleic acid probes and natural receptors) and liposome amplification strategies to the development of biosensing devices for extra-laboratory screening. Flow-injection analysis techniques, using regenerable immunoreactor columns and marker-loaded liposomes, are also being used to develop automated immunoanalytical systems for laboratory-based analyses of clinical analytes, environmental pollutants and food contaminants. These approaches combine the features of high specificity and ultra-sensitivity available with bioanalytical formats in conjunction with selective detection methods based on both optical and electrochemical transduction mechanisms. I have a great deal of litigation and testifying experience.

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