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Adult Medicine, Geriatrics Expert #44327

This sample expert has over 49 years of experience, and specialize in the field of family medicine with specific knowledge in the areas of adult medicine, geriatrics and nursing home care. Testified 14 times on topics such as adult medicine, geriatrics and nursing home care.

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Areas of Geriatrics expertise

  • Medicine
  • Family medicine
  • Medical director of nursing home

 Educational background

  • M.D. – Chicago Medical School
  • A.B. – University of Pennsylvania
  • Internship, University of Minnesota Hospital, Surgery
  • Residency, Minneapolis Veterans Administration Hospital, General Surgery
  • Military, United States Naval Reserve, Lieutenant Commander; U.S. Naval Research, Laboratory Clinic, Medical Officer in Charge

Employment history

This expert is in full time private practice and has been a practicing physician for over 49 years. Is a medical director of a large nursing home that has 308 beds for the past 22 years.

Reviewed cases and testified at trial and in depositions regarding not only medical malpractice cases involving primary care but also cases regarding medical regulatory issues specific to nursing homes. Served as expert representing both plaintiffs and defendants since before 1988. Served on medical malpractice review panels for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Additionally, this expert has presided over disciplinary hearings of physicians both at the hospital and nursing home level.

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