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Missouri Accident Prevention, Investigation & Reconstruction expert witness #2209

This expert is a dynamic aviation enthusiast who has flown 305 makes and models of airplanes, helicopters, and gliders while logging more than 16,350 hours of flight time. He has started and/or purchased 19 aviation firms, from small companies to multi-million dollar aircraft manufacturing firms with government contracts. He currently manages several firms that are connected with the aviation industry, including a high-tech manufacturing business in California. In addition to these activities, this expert has been providing consulting services to private individuals, government agencies, Air Carriers, aviation trade organizations, and other parties needing assistance when starting and/or growing existing aviation related activities or when dealing with business disputes, personnel issues, or government enforcement issues. These include Airport Management and development, manufacturing, safety audits, and accident prevention, investigation, and reconstruction. Many of his assignments have required expert report writing or testimony. He has been accepted by over 30 federal and 42 state court systems as an expert in a wide variety of aviation related matters.

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