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I have 13 years of experience, and specialize in the field of software engineering with specific knowledge in the areas of Internet and web applications, mobile applications and platforms and digital video and multimedia. I have published on such topics as software design analysis, mobile computing and robotics and embedded systems. During my time as an engineer in the Integrated Defense Systems division, I was instrumental to the success of a software architecture modeling and analysis effort on the Future Combat Systems (FCS) program. FCS was a US Army effort to develop new manned and unmanned vehicles and link them in a resilient battlefield network of unprecedented size and complexity. As a member of the engineering team I was responsible for the designing the core software of the FCS network, I advised the lead architect on technical decisions, documented the system architecture, wrote guidance memoranda, specified and analyzed requirements, conducted trade studies, and analyzed technical risks. My primary responsibility, however, was developing a special set of computer models of the C4ISR systems, and coordinating the contributions of other team members to those models. I, along with other engineers, subsequently used these models to analyze candidate designs for gaps and vulnerabilities, compare alternatives in terms of quantifiable trade-offs, and optimize configuration options. The success of the modeling effort eventually caught the attention of the program leadership, who then encouraged the use of the models for several purposes which were not originally envisioned, such as automatic generation of interface specifications for sub-component suppliers.

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