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Wisconsin Risk Assessments, Development Expert #48716

I have 35 years of experience, and specialize in the field of private security with specific knowledge in the areas of physical security, security program development and conducting threat assessments. I have published on such topics as liability and liability avoidance, trends in premises security liability, and various aspects of security for bars and nightclubs. I have testified 25 times on topics such as adequacy and sufficiency of security, bar security measures and appropriateness of actions by security personnel. My professional background of more than 30 years is unique because it brings a practical knowledge of my field from 3 distinct perspectives: I have served as a director of security, assessing security needs from a subjective standpoint, developing, implementing and managing security programs; I have served as an independent security consultant, assessing security needs from an objective standpoint, recommending strategies for risk mitigation; and I have served as a court-recognized expert witness, evaluating adequacy and sufficiency of security programs from a forensic standpoint. This unique combination of experience guarantees both broad knowledge and analytical insight.

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