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I have 45 years of experience and specialize in the field of medical mycology, with specific knowledge of the epidemiology of histoplasmosis, hospital infection control and certification in medicine. I have published on such topics as skin reactivity to histoplasmin in Panamanians of different ages and different regions of Panama, paracoccidioides brasiliensis infection in Panamanians, bioaerosols in microbiology laboratories, biocontaminants in libraries, aflatoxins in corn, aflatoxins in rice, cryptococcus neoformans isolation in Panama, mycotic antigens in the City of Panama, yeasts as contaminants of hemodialysis machines, hospital-acquired infections in Panama, first isolation of paracoccidioides brasiliensis in Panama, prevalence of p. brasiliensis infection in Panamanian children and procedure guidelines for diagnostic microbiology.

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