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I have 16 years of experience, and specialize in the field of lasers, and fiber optic instrumentation with specific knowledge in the areas of medical devices and disposables, biotechnology and nanotechnology. I have published on such topics as interaction of lasers with mater and biological tissue, disposable instrumentation for endovascular occlusions and medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices and fiber delivey systems. Recognizing that the problems of the failure of a company was the management of the business aspects of the technology and potential product, and not with the technology itself, I acquired the assets of the failing company, and formed a new company. I put together a new team, and re-engineered the product and the business plan of a revolutionary laser-based technology for the clearing of endovascular occlusions.I then sold the company without raising any funding from venture capital (surviving and innovating solely on personal and angel investments, and government grants) in less than 3 years from the formation of the company, bringing incredible financial returns to the shareholders.

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