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I have 22 years of experience, and specialize in the field of investment advice with specific knowledge in the areas of asset allocation, risk mitigation and hedge funds. My university educational focus was in the field of economics with a strong background in mathematics and statistics. This educational background separates me from the vast majority of industry peers who fell into the investment advisory profession by trial and error. I spent 20 years at a large investment house advising individual clients and following the advisor standard of care. I now run my own firm in the same capacity. I have successfully testified at a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority “on the record” meeting and won that case. I am an excellent public speaker and very capable of handling and responding to aggressive questioning. I have very strong explanatory skills which allow me to explain complex financial concepts to any audience. My investment experience is vast and covers all asset classes: cash, bonds, stocks, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, managed futures funds, initial public offerings/syndicate and private equity. I am highly experienced in the area of asset allocation and portfolio risk management.

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