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I have 7 years of experience, and specialize in the field of industrial and organizational psychology with specific knowledge in the areas of employee staffing, employment discrimination and statistics. I have published on such topics as cognitive ability testing, statistics and establishing validity evidence. I have testified on employment discrimination, disparate treatment and disparate impact. My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, the measurement of behavior and psychological variables (e.g., job performance, cognitive ability, or personality), statistics, employment discrimination, and human resource practices. I have authored a number of peer-reviewed articles and chapters and have given many presentations to local and national groups on issues relating to personnel and human resource management, adverse impact in employment, diversity in organizations, statistics, and psychological measurement. My research specifically focuses on techniques to demonstrate the job relatedness of employment tests, reasons for adverse impact of employment tests on minority applicants and employees, attitudes toward historically disadvantaged groups of employees, detection of racial and cultural bias in employment tests and organizational surveys, and statistical methods. I am an associate professor of psychology and a member of the doctoral faculty in industrial and organizational psychology and educational psychology. I teach courses in statistics, personnel, psychological measurement, and industrial and organizational psychology at the doctoral, masters, and undergraduate levels in the United States, Taiwan and Singapore. In these courses, I teach topics ranging from performance appraisal, staffing, employment discrimination, statistical methods, to leadership and employee attitudes. I supervise master’s theses and doctoral dissertations in these areas. I am the owner of a consulting company that provides human resource management consulting services in the areas of selection and assessment, performance measurement, employment discrimination litigation support, human capital research, employee surveying, and statistical analysis.

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