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I have 30 years of experience, and specialize in the field of forensic and clinical psychology with adults and children with specific knowledge in the areas of civil, criminal and family law. I have published on such topics as post traumatic stress disorder, child sexual abuse, child development, and divorce related issues; child sexual abuse, and other divorce related issues. I have testified 90 times on topics such as medical malpractice and other tort cases involving allegations of post traumatic stress disorder and emotional distress, work place issues including age discrimination and sexual harassment, criminal cases involving allegations of sexual abuse, criminal cases involving allegations of sexual abuse and family law cases involving custody, child development, attachment, and parenting time issues. I spent five years of my career presenting numerous seminars around the United States to mental health professionals, attorneys, and judges about the diagnosis and treatment of child sexual abuse. I have also presented at numerous legal seminars regarding my work in civil and criminal cases.

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