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I have 30 years of experience, and specialize in the field of development with specific knowledge in the areas of pre-devleopment cycles, mapping and understanding the land value increase and why and when and marketing same, in commercial as well as residential. I have published on such topics as private pre-development investment, as well as residential in order to raise over 20 million in parntership and aquisition funds. I have testified on contruction contract as it relates to an arch, argument about the finished product, I testified on behalf of a client that was being sued by the man that tried to take her property and another I caught stealing over $500,000.00 from our 5.5 million aquisistion/development loan. I secured a $400,000.00 development loan to build our medical clinic, and set every thing up, I hired the architecture, engineer, and general contractor project dispursment, did the zone change, worked with all the govermental proscessing, closed the loan at the end of ’06 and the FDIC took over the bank in ’08, when we were 75% complete. I

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