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I have 30 years of experience, and specialize in the field of chiropractic with specific knowledge in the areas of independent medical examinations (IME’s), peer reviews, expert court testimony, chiropractic research, public relations, chiropractic activist (mandatory chiropractic hospital privileges at accredited hospitals and chiropractic utilization by Social Security Administration in determining disability evaluation), and improving the chiropractic professions intra-examiner reliability and clinical results making the profession the most reliable healthcare providers, and improving the clinical expertise and public perception of the chiropractic profession. I have published on such topics as Beck theoretical model of subluxation, Beck correlative and integrated techniques and chiropractic expansion into mainstream medicine.I consider myself a chiropractic activist and researcher. Activist activity has included working with the legal department of the Joint Commission of Hospitals to overcome anti-trust action against chiropractors and their patients at most U.S. hospitals. I also have the Beck theoretical model of subluxation which is contrary to the vast majority of chiropractic thought. Subluxations are not random as thought and subluxation patterns can be easily determined with accuracy. The model provides a predictable determination of subluxation (vertebrae that need to be adjusted and manipulated to reduce or eliminate nerve interference) and the precise correction. This provides intra-examiner reliability approaching 100%. It also avoids negative outcomes and maximizes good and excellent outcomes. It is an easy system to teach, learn and understand. In addition, I have Beck correlated and integrated techniques. This is the only system that reviews the major chiropractic techniques and gives the practitioner many chiropractic choices to achieve the same goal.

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